Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Artist's Statement: Marcelo Novo

Like a musician playing by ear and improvising as he goes, my art begins not with cautious preliminary sketches but working directly on the chosen surface and completing a work in one sitting. When I begin, I never know what will manifest itself. I start by doodling and when I feel as though things are happening, I follow. Whatever is in my mind has to go through my arm, my hand, so to avoid interference I choose materials that let me work quickly. When finished, I don't go back and re-work it. This approach allows a more spontaneous and intuitive way of creating art.

My art has its roots in Latin American and European Surrealism, a movement that believes art holds the key to unlock the inner workings of the mind, and reveal aspects of the psyche otherwise hidden. Diverse recurrent symbols appear in my work as manifestations of my life experiences, some of which are closely related to my Latin American cultural heritage and my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Recently, I began the Map Series. For this series, the chosen surface includes portions of maps from the USA and other parts of the world, on which I paint instinctive/subconscious images. The appeal and use of maps in this series relate to my travels and especially to my identity and sense of place.

I find adapting to a new culture both rewarding and enriching. The process is often helped by the intuitive approach with which I create my art. Similarly, after many years abroad I have new insights on my native country when home visiting family. As I mark sixteen years in the United States, the imagery in my work continues to evolve, reflecting my identity in two cultures and my experience in many places.

-Marcelo Novo

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